Forced Marriage Cops Analysis

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On today’s skill session on diversity and anti-oppressive practice we watched a BBC documentary titled ‘Forced Marriage Cops’. It covered how teenage girls were being forced into marriage by their parents against their wishes. There is a new legislation regarding false marriage in the UK but enforcement has been a problem. The Asian community in the UK are close knit community as seen in the documentary. A few of the girls volunteered information to the authorities, but the majority were too scared to for fear of being isolated from their community if their parents went to jail. After watching the documentary, we were asked about our feelings and responses on the documentary. The programme was very difficult for me to watch being a mother of teenagers. UK is a diverse society and diversity is a good thing however, this programme does highlight the negative aspect of diversity. There are many people in the UK from diverse ethnic background and is…show more content…
This was portrayed in the documentary by one of the police officers who said you might not achieve a good or desired result sometimes but a good result might just be that you have successfully disrupted the situation. Like in most of the cases the girls went back home. Their parents were not persecuted but they became aware that they are being watched by the authorities. Social worker is a relationship-based profession nevertheless it is their moral duty to challenge injustice in the society. I learnt in today’s session that cultural diversity can create ethical dilemmas for social works and in cases there would be no direct answers. Social workers need to be aware of their own values and biases, be culturally aware, recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles in practice. This means that a social worker must act within the law where and when
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