Forces Of Evil In Shakespeare's King Lear

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5. Forces of evil
5.1 Goneril and Regan Nicholson (2008, as cited in Halenárová, 2015) asserts that Goneril and Regan are very similar characters; some studies have even analyzed them as if they were one. Both of them are full of pretence and when it comes to take their part of the inheritance they use language of flattery. However, during the course of the play we see that their words differ from their actions. Goneril: “I love you more than words can wield the matter; / Dearer than eye-sight, space, and liberty; / Beyond what can be valued” (1.1.58-60). As she speaks the words that Lear wants to hear she appears to be an obedient daughter. McLeish (1985, as cited in Halenárová, 2015) describes Goneril as a woman full of ambitions and desires, and just like her father when she doesn’t get what she wants she becomes mean. She resembles her father in another aspect as well, she has a poor judgment of character she trust Edmund. When she gets her part of inheritance she totally forgets her father and orders her servants to treat Lear sternly: “Put on what weary negligence you please”. In order to get rid of her father she asks him to reduce the number of knights or leave the castle. It is her who first comes with this plan and
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She even asks Cornwall to pluck the other eye as well. Furthermore, she shows herself being capable to kill someone, when the servant attacks Cornwall she kills him. We can add to the list of her cruelties two more instances, when she enjoys causing the old Gloucester pain by telling him that it was Edmund who betrayed him by showing them the letter and lastly throwing him out of the castle blinded. However, like her sister she falls for Edmund too, when Edmund wins the battle against the French she calls him “lord and master”, like he is only hers. She dies as Goneril poisons her as she learns that she is plotting with Edmund against
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