Ford Fiesta Case Study Summary

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“One Team. One Plan. One Goal.” This is the Ford mission and vision. In the case of the car company’s release of the Ford Fiesta, the “one plan” aspect of this mission is what I find to be the greatest challenge and roadblock Ford faced in order to successfully market the Fiesta.
Ford made a good choice to start by providing consumers a new product. One that is fuel efficient, smaller, and more appealing to the driver seeking their first car. Ford also created a well-designed mission with the Fiesta Movement—but the Strategy in which agents were selected and the specific missions themselves did not all relate with the everyday driver. Ford opted out of recruiting celebrities—a choice I think would have served them well had they recruited the
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If by some date, the agent had not reached this many views, then they would be removed as an agent. This would have freed up far more cars for test drives—a good sign that the campaign is working. However, due to limited available inventory from not instituting an agent elimination policy, only 6,000 test drives were recorded. This number could have been increased with higher available…show more content…
Ford considered asking agents to describe or show the features of the car in action during their content. I actually think that this would have been a good idea—if made to look authentic. I also believe that Ford gained on this campaign by letting the agents be authentic in their missions and just show how being in the Fiesta made their life easy and more enjoyable.
In terms of key performance indicators, the Fiesta Movement was a success. Familiarity with the name plate was almost double the benchmark. Monthly visits to the Fiesta website were more than double the benchmark set. Later in this analysis, I will discuss these key performance indicators are relevant but not nearly as important as others when it comes to having a successful social media marketing campaign.
With all this in mind, we will show how the product differentiation done here by Ford was positive, how successful the Agent Movement was to inspire young people to choose Ford as their starter car, and if Ford should continue down this B class car industry. We will assess these missions and their themes—determining if they were worth the cost, successful, well targeted, and relatable for their target

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