Ford Motor Company Analysis

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Ford Motor Company was and still one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world.
The beginning of Ford Motor Company was with the first production of the Model A in 1903 with 1708 cars per year built by hand with few workers reaching the number of 2,493,918 in 2013 with a total number of 181,000 workers and a net income of 7, 15 billion dollars. Ford Motor Company played a big and great role during the history and impact different aspects in business. The company achievements were in different sectors and it makes the difference in local society as well as international one. Its innovation in labor relation, operation management field and its international outreach made it a successful company during the American history. Describtion
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Henry Ford was born during civil war and grew up in the American industrial revolution. Since his childhood he was an ‘incurable tinkerer’ and in 1913 he made the first moving automobile assembly line in the world and start produce Model T. In 1956, Ford starts selling its stocks with 10,2 millions shares sold in the first day. The beginning of the acquisitions of other brands was on 1987, a year after Ford Motor Company reached the peek. In 1919, the company was reincorporated with Henry Ford, his wife and his son acquiring the full…show more content…
By the end of 1920, Ford Motor Company had more than 20 overseas assembly plants in Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia, South Africa and Australia. The assembly line production became known as ‘Fordism’ and spread throughout different industries around the world. By the mid of 1920 the owner of the company Henry Ford became the most famous American in the world and Ford cars became number one on sales around the world ‘’Ford Motor Company was producing more than half of all motor vehicles manufactured in the world’’ Thomas K. McCraw . The company was also manufacturing tri motor plane, Jeeps , Bombs for world war.
American Society:
The company employed a large number of African American workers. Ford motor company’s impact on American society was huge by making cars affordable to the middle class which makes suburbanization, fast food, shopping malls and parties possible for all. Ford’s car represented freedom and individuality especially for young people. Ford’s product has revolutionized transportation in America.
Assembly line method offered more jobs and revolutionized the way the products are assembled.
Ford Motor Company faced the challenges among the history and played a great role which allows it to be in the top companies among the world with its strategies and innovations. With these achievements Ford Motor Company can be the greatest American corporation. Ford
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