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Ford Motor Company is an American global automotive industry leader. Ford Motor Company was originally founded by Henry Ford. He was one of eight children and was born on the family farm near Dearborn, Michigan in 1863. He began his career early with an eighth grade education. The first job he landed was part-time at Westingtonhouse Engine. He was later made Chief Engineer of the Detroit Edison Company Plant. He spent most of his time experimenting with gasoline powered vehicles. He completed his first vehicle in 1896, which was the Quadricycle and that set him apart from other automotive inventors. He continued over the next several years experimenting to improve vehicles. Henry Ford incorporated his Motor Company in 1903. He had 12 investors…show more content…
But by this time Ford had a bigger vision for a better affordable vehicle. Ford began working closely with selected employees and they developed the Model T, introduced on October 1, 1908. The Model T exhibited simplicity and quality. Model T was a great success. In 1910 the company moved into a huge new plant in Highland Park, Michigan not far from Detroit. At this point Ford Motor Company focused on increasing production and driving down costs. In the late 1913’s Ford developed a moving assembly line for automobiles. The turnover was excessive the company had to hire 53,000 people a year to keep 14,000 jobs filled. Henry forever changed the automotive industry—in January 1914 he essentially doubled wages to $5 per…show more content…
The company operates in two sectors: Automotive and Financial Services. The Automotive includes North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, African, and Asia Pacific segments. The Financial Services includes Ford Credit and other Financial Services Segments. The vehicle brands include Ford, Ford-Lincoln and Lincoln. The Other Financial Services includes holding companies and real estate. The company has 62 plants around the world. All vehicles, parts, and accessories are sold through distributors and dealers. The Company’s Financial Services includes automotive-related financing and leasing. Ford Credit Company is wholly owned by Ford Motor Company. The company has a portfolio that is measured consumer and non-consumer. Financing products include retail installment contracts, leases, government agencies, and daily rental car customers. Ford Credit operates its business in the United States and Canada through 6 Service

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