Ford Motors Performance Evaluation System

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There are numerous factors to consider when implementing a comprehensive measurement plan whether it be 400 employees working on an assembly line for Ford Motors to a class of thirty students who are distance learners who interact on the Internet rather than attend classes in person. How does the professor provide an evaluation system that is fair, attainable, and meets everyone goals, the students, and the educational institute? The system put in place must be simple to conduct as well as to comprehend. Nevertheless, the teacher or evaluator must be cognizant that each student or individual is unique in their behaviors and results. The textbook expresses four schemes that are readily available for any organization for execution. The Essay,…show more content…
However, each has their pros and cons. Not every performance evaluation system is going to work for every organization. As discussed there are many variables to consider. Attention is given to the size of the organization, the service offered, the demographics of the staff and the overall objectives of the firm. Ford Motors would not benefit from using a Behavioral Checklist performance evaluation on their employees.They require a more exclusive and in-depth analysis vs. a virtual campus. The majority of Ford Motor employees are on site vs. off-site. The employees training must be hands-on (On the Job Training). Their behavior performance must be evaluated in person while conducting their assigned task. Given the information above regarding the four absolute performance management systems, one would elect to use the Behavioral Checklist. It is accessible, practical, and useful for the use of thirty students. The professor must think how much time they have in assessing each student while providing an adequate grading system. Nonetheless, there is no need for the evaluation to be complicated. The goal is to be fair and efficient since the class will be standard across the board for the incoming students; present and future. An excellent example is Bethel University. One would say the professor at Bethel University uses a Behavioral Checklist performance evaluation. The performance evaluation system is traditional across the entire academic body. The bulk of students enrolled at Bethel are on a virtual campus. Their behaviors cannot be observed by the instructor let alone gather data to make the performance evaluation of great value. Moreover, Bethel facilitators use the standard university guideline with their virtual campus concerning the grading scale, late work, class participation, and discussions. The syllabus has the same requirements for each course. Besides the Behavioral Checklist system
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