Case Study The Ford Pinto

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The Ford Pinto
1. Briefly describe the dilemma. The ford motor company is questioning whether the case is that lives are more valuable thin the ford pinto. The dilemma is that Ford says that the pinto has more value in it than the life of a human. The reasoning is cost that is figures of numbers the pride of the human life to the price that it would cost to repair the pinto. The price of human life is in the thousand when the price of the pinto is in the millions. Likekwise the comparison of thousands of dollars and million of dollars are the question to why life is not as valuable then the pinto care. The value is price over human life is because of the matter of the bladder in the trunk of the pinto. Which cost versus car is the
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The numbers showed favor for the ford pinto. The result of the abstract an analysis lead to an example where proven facts were not presented correctly. The fact that a pinto was hit n a freeway because the pinto was in the wrong lane on the freeway is not a ford issu. The issue was that the driver had fauflts and the pinto was beautifully made. It was someone killed as the impact of the ford was ignited on impact. As an illisration say the car was stopped on the freeway in the wrong lane, how is traffic going to…show more content…
The pinto is for transportation of customers, therefore how customers misuse automobiles and cause, misconduct is not the fault of the ford motor company. The decision to provide insurance makes customers value the ford pinto. T because of cost effectiveness in perspective is not a manner of ethics. Ethics should go into how the company runs its business according to managing ethics and legal compliance:What Works and What Hurts.
Ford motor company made a decision which was ethical for his company. It was a management decision that was ethical according to details of the automobile explosion. It would have been a simple decision to produce the new design and save lives. The bottom line was that ford was selling automobile and not causing people’s injuries, because of their actions. Action of others were also taken into consideration, which causes, impacts to the pinto. It is a self infliction process, and therefore ford does not think a change or new design is the
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