Foreign Aid Persuasive Speech

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The US is more than 66 trillion dollars in debt, has more than 560,000 people that are homeless and poverty rates are up to 13.5% (43.1 million people). Other countries are like that too, and we help those countries with foreign aid, but we barely help our own country. These reasons are why we should ban foreign aid, the US is too much in debt and there are too many rich countries that we give foreign aid too. I believe that foreign aid is a negative aspect of this world and should be no longer allowed. One of the reasons why i believe that we should no longer have foreign aid is that the United States is too much in debt to afford foreign aid. In 2014 we spent $35 billion on foreign aid. If we didn’t give away that $35 billion we could’ve used it to pay some of our…show more content…
It doesn't mean it won’t completely work. That means if we give our non-ally country foreign aid they will only be nice to us because of our money. Our biggest foreign aid recipient is Afghanistan, which we went to war if in 2001-2014. The money we gave Afghanistan in foreign aid helped them fight the war with us and we still give money to them today. Another thing people might say is that if we stop giving foreign aid the poor countries will worsen. This is true but not all of it. Sources say that the reason why third world countries are doing so bad is because of the foreign aid we give them. According to World Economic Forum, “Does foreign aid always help the poor?” written by Ana Swanson “Deaton argues that, by trying to help poor people in developing countries, the rich world may actually be corrupting those nations' governments and slowing their growth.” The third world countries are becoming worse because of us because they depend too much on the other countries giving money to them so they don’t want to
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