Poliheuristic Theory

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United States foreign assistance policy has been established since the major transformation on foreign economic development with the passage of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 leading by President John F. Kennedy. Foreign assistance is a fundamental component of the international affairs budget and is viewed by many as an essential instrument of U.S. foreign policy. On the basis of national security, commercial, and humanitarian rationales, U.S. assistance flows through many federal agencies and supports broad objectives, including promoting economic growth, reducing poverty, improving governance, expanding access to health care and education, promoting stability in conflictive regions, countering terrorism, promoting human rights, strengthening…show more content…
Foreign policy seen as instrument for building bridges amongst states and deal with social construction that shapes national identitiy. The relationship might be investigated in three chief ways, that is, in terms of the role actors and bureaucracies play in shaping foreign policy, the process of decision-making, and the effect of international system or society on the conduct of foreign policy by states. For constructivism, foreign policy originally a product coming from socio-cultural constructions. The states shared understandings and determines their interest and the foreign policy to secure…show more content…
It is unique in its ability to deal with multiple players, multiple alternatives, and multiple dimensions, alliance decisions, and environmental decisions. It is inherently built on the assumption that policy makers simplify complicated decision problems by first using simple cognitive shortcuts and then applying a more detailed analytic decision calculus to arrive at a choice. (Mintz 2004a, 8) Analysis on study case through this model coming from how Obama criticized the realism perspective foreign policy that has been established in United States as a major factor on ineffectiveness of Foreign aid policy. Through that, the reform of foreign aid policy was created by looking on the benefit of having strength foreign aid policy and reducing the ineffectiveness of foreign aid policy as foreign policy. Withing this, Obama as policy makers using rejecting the latest policy and create alternative form in order to simplify the
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