Foreign Drama Advantages And Disadvantages

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With many foreign TV dramas are imported to China, increasingly importance has been attached to foreign television programs for users. Compared with traditional domestic TV programs, foreign dramas have special themes that attract teenagers and young people generally. Also, according to the survey from Wen & Wang (2008), there are 88 percent of participators express that the reason they choose foreign dramas is plots. The Chinese cultural industry, however, still had a number of shortcomings. The most acute difficulties were reported to include a lack of leading cultural enterprises with sufficient national and international competitiveness and reputation; a lack of professionals with expertise and competence in the cultural industry; persistent trade deficits in cultural products; and strong competition between the regions and provinces leading to the production of similar cultural projects without much creativity (Gan, & Wei, 2015). Beyond that, some people prefer foreigner TV programs because of foreign languages practice. Jiang and Leung (2012) indicated that frequent American TV drama viewers tended to be motivated by learning about American language, culture, and fashion by survey. With compacting plots and open theme, the play times of foreign TV shows increasing rapidly in recent years. However,…show more content…
There will be 15 employees in technology department which focusing on app & website development and maintenance. Collecting and processing department own 12 employees who are responsible for collecting foreign films, TV drama or variety shows’ resources and editing the resources. 5 employees will be settled in marketing department and administration department have 3 employees. both human resource department and financial department have only two employees. These 6 departments with 39 employees are capable to expand its influence and higher its
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