Foreign Investment Policy Analysis

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Policy Briefing Memo on the Foreign Investment Policy of Myanmar
Myanmar is a developing country. Since 2011, the new democratic government, President U Thein Sein government, tried to develop in all sectors by making reforms. To get the quick-win in the country's economic growth, the government enacted and amended the foreign investment policy. Moreover, the government did the enacting and amending the dozens of laws during the short terms, many liberalizations are taken in various sectors such as financial, tax, investment, land and trading etc. And Myanmar is recognized to be the last target for investment in Asia because of its strategic location, natural resources and working force.
In the last two decades,
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(Foreign Investment Law, 2012)
The instruments the policy is incorporated The author, Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram (1997) stated that, "the elements in policy design that cause agents or targets to do something they would not do otherwise or with the intention of modifying behavior to solve public problems or attain policy goals."(Thomas A Birkland. (2016) (p-317) The foreign investment policy used the laws as the authority tools and related to the other policy areas including investment, finance, trade, human resource development, and public sector administration. And the main instruments used in the Foreign Investment policy of Myanmar are the Laws, Rules, Regulations, and notifications of respective ministries with the approval of the Union Hluttaw, most of which are aimed to attract and to protect the foreign investor with equal opportunities to the citizens. (Myanmar constitution,
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The MIC comprises with 16 members who are the ministerial levels officers, and technicians from the governmental and private sectors. According to the FIL, the MIC takes the leading role in investment sector and has the regulatory authority on investment issues, for setting out the notifications upon FIL law. In addition, it takes the duty in charge of evaluating investment proposals, and overseeing the implementation of the FIL and its Rules. DICA serves not only as the MIC's secretariat office, but also as the Investment Promotion Agency of Myanmar and registrar for the implementation of the Foreign Investment Policy of the country.

Annual budget and public employees who are committed to its implementation The main implementing body of the Foreing Investment policy is a department of the Ministry. And so its budget get form dependent ministry according to the annual national finance law. And the budget for the other related departments of the various ministries are the same ways under whose ministry's budget. There is no separate fund for the implementation of the
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