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Indonesia with its various cultures has so many local languages. Despite the amount of local languages, we, Indonesian people, are united by one language which is known as Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is many Indonesian people’s first language. It is learned by the native speaker since they were born. Furthermore, it is also learned in formal situation for at least 12 years. As a native speaker, mastering Bahasa Indonesia is a must because Bahasa Indonesia is the National Identity.
As the national language as well as national identity, Bahasa Indonesia shall be used in all official state activities. It should be used as language instruction at all levels of education from primary schools to universities. It is intended for Bahasa Indonesia
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It is the human connection that demands us as human beings to understand others and to be understood by others (Meyer, 2009). One of the most learned languages is English. People need to learn it because it is the international language. Thus, they learn English in order to be able to communicate with foreigners to achieve their purpose. By learning English for years, for some students who have learnt English since they were younger, they are expected to be able to use English appropriately to communicate. Students should have been gotten used with speaking English and capable of speaking it fluently. Communication will flow easily when they are able to speak well.
Knowing the importance of English for their life and their future, many students take English very seriously. However, the importance of learning English should have not make students neglect their national language, in this case Bahasa Indonesia. Students who learn English are expected to be still adept of their national language. Their competence in Bahasa Indonesia and English should be at least equal. Thus, students are expected to master both Bahasa Indonesia, their national language, and English, the foreign

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