Foreign Language Challenges

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In our world today, the education in general and language teachers of young learners in particular, are facing challenges and opportunities. With the expansion of teaching English to young learners, young language teachers are still the most who faces challenges and opportunities especially those who deals with the switch to secondary level. With the increasing numbers of learners a foreign language, published books and a mixed-methods approach in teaching, teachers find themselves in new situations of these challenges. These challenges emerged as affecting large numbers teachers in different educational contexts such as dealing with different language skills, teaching speaking or writing and even motivating learners. Clearly, all these challenges back to various reasons either caused by teachers or learners. This essay discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by Young Language Teachers.

Learning a foreign language is not as simple as any can think of. It can be easy or effortless only by the side of Youngers, especially when they are engaged and provided well at language learning environment. To reach best point in learning we have to think deeply of how young learners approach language learning. In paper titled “ the expansion of Teaching “ summarised two key features of child foreign language learning: children’s search for meaning in language use, and the demands of initial literacy. Having deep understanding of these two features will help to determine or even

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