Foreign Language In Schools Essay

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Learning a second language at a younger age is beneficial Most little kids first day of school is when they are approximately five years old, and about to enter kindergarten. Kids go to school from about age five till graduation from high school at about age eighteen. Most schools focus on the basic core subjects, such as math, reading, science and history. Until junior high or high school, foreign language is not even offered. However, many kids learn to speak another language, beside English, at home from their parents. Sometimes, it is the primary language. The primary language could be learned before English. Foreign languages should be required at elementary schools because it helps the students become more culturally diverse, students get more opportunities and foreign language can helps students relate to other students better. The United…show more content…
Foreign language should not be required at the elementary level because students need to focus on the core subjects, like math, reading, science and history. That is a lot for a young student to handle and expecting them to learn a language should make it more difficult for a student. The core subjects are more essential in everyday life and can lead to more jobs in the future. Students also might have trouble learning the rules of English along with another language. English and other languages have some similar grammar rules, so they could get them confused when trying to learn the grammar rules of English and learning another language. One of the main reasons, foreign languages are not offered at the elementary level is money. Many schools cannot afford to hire more teachers to teach foreign languages. Some schools can barely afford teachers to teach the core subjects, along with the required gym teacher. How are schools going to be able to afford to hire teachers to teach foreign

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