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Differences between children and adults foreign language learning

Foreign language acquisition is a subject of general development trends. Learning a foreign language affects not only the expansion of the education, but also the perception of the world. In the framework of modern society the purpose of foreign language teaching is to cultivate personal qualities of a person, increasing his chances to integrate more easily the professional world. A foreign language appears, in fact, as an instrument of intercultural and international communication, but can also be the natural way to communicate in bilingual families. Learning a foreign language is a complex process, the success of which depends on the right choice of educational method. However, the chosen method is, any language training is based on the four pillars: reading, writing, oral expression and listening comprehension. The components of the educational process are: the student, the teacher, the materials. However, when discussing about children and adults acquisition of a foreign language it is necessary to mention and distinguish all the differences which are multiples. Thus,
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However, when getting older, we are more inclined not to assimilate the new information, but to use the accumulated knowledge. Of course, learning process for the adults requires more effort, patience and motivation. That is why learning a foreign language for the adult students has significant differences. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, even those who begin to learn a foreign language after 35 years should know: learn a language is possible at any age. The main points to remember are: the motivation and the presence of the teacher, who will find a way to help master the basic grammatical rules, which is very important for an adult because they cannot rely on their memory which regresses with

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