Foreign Language Study Advantages And Disadvantages

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All English language learners need to learn the language of instruction in English language schools at the same time as they are working towards meeting the curriculum expectations.
Young children learn the system of a new language more effectively than older learners. They may acquire a local accent quickly, whereas their older siblings may always have an accent influenced by the system of their home language. But young children may well take five or more years to catch up to their age peers in vocabulary acquisition and the accurate use of grammar in both spoken and written English. This is because they also need to develop fundamental concepts and literacy skills that they may not have developed in their home language.

FLES is an acronym
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The benefits of learning a foreign language are currently making headlines. Researchers have determined that learning a second language does not cause language confusion, language delay, or cognitive deficit. On the contrary: studies now repeatedly demonstrate that foreign language education substantially improves a student’s academic success. In addition, it increases critical thinking…show more content…
As a parent, there is a lot to get excited about when considering the profound benefits of second language study for our children.
Second language study benefits academic progress in other subjects . Applying current standard practices of foreign language
Instruction. Communication, Culture, Connections with other disciplines, Comparisons with students native languages and cultures, and use of the foreign language in Communities outside the classroom reinforces English language course content of other coursework .Learning another language can enhance knowledge of English structure and vocabulary. A study of 13,200 third and fifth graders in Louisiana public schools revealed that, regardless of race, gender, or academic level, children taking foreign language classes did better on the English section of the Louisiana Basic Skills Test than those who did not.Strong evidence shows that time spent on foreign language study strongly reinforces the core subject areas of reading, English language literacy, social studies and math. Foreign language learners consistently outperform control groups in core subject areas on standardized tests often significantly.,
Why Should Young Children Learn a Foreign

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