Foreign Language Test Anxiety

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1.1 Background
Students suffer many worries in their studies. One of these worries is the exams. “Test anxiety is an unpleasant feeling or emotional state that has physiological and behavioral concomitants, and that is experienced in formal testing or other evaluative situations." (Dusek, 1980, p.88)
The test anxiety construct is considered as a situation-specific attribute accounting for individual variations in the extent to which people find examinations frightening. Within this general concept, there are wide and narrow definitions. Narrow definitions spotlight fear of failure (gives emphasis to how act is judged), or assessment anxiety (emphasizing how test anxiety can be located with other, so called, subclinical anxieties including
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The level of English as a Foreign Language Test Anxiety was employed by Sarason’s survey (1984), and it aimed to weigh levels of test anxiety learners suffer when they took English tests. (International Journal of English Language and Linguistics Research,Vol.1, No.3,pp.1-17, December 2013). It is attributed mainly to the rareness of the language learning and language exams processes.
When it comes to the English language majors, English students face some difficulties in the English exams and quizzes, concerning the main skills of the language, in particular with those who study English as a second or foreign language (EFL). Being a student in Al-Imam University's College of Language and Translation, I think translation studies smoothes the progress of the language learning. Furthermore, learning second languages, in particular English has become extremely momentous in all universities.
1.3 Research Questions:
This study tries to answer the following questions:
Question 1: How do female English majors at Imam University perceive the different types of language tests they

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