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Every country has their own set of foreign policy that they go by as their guide in making relations with other countries. A country's foreign policy is a set of goals that explains how a country interacting with the other countries in the fields of economic, political, social, and military. These interactions are important in an effort to maximize the benefits that can be gained from multilateral international cooperation. Foreign policy is particularly designed to help protect the national interest, national security, ideological goals, and economic prosperity of a country. If a country can be a good friend to one of the major power country in the world such as China, United States and France, then the country would not have much to worry…show more content…
Standing at the place of 24th in world global force chart has been a great feat for Saudi Arabia. However, this feat could not be achieved on their own. For Saudi Arabia, they got a lot of military aid and weapon technology from the countries that they have been close with. Two of the most notable countries that help Saudi Arabia are Pakistan and the United States. For Pakistan, they have been the closest Muslim ally to Saudi Arabia. This is because there was many events that proven the closeness of their relationship. For example, Saudi Arabia has been known for providing political asylum and giving economic aid to Pakistan. It is not too much to say that Saudi Arabia has been the biggest economic contributor for Pakistan. In exchange of the economic and political aid given by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan responded by giving security and military aid to…show more content…
The United States and Saudi Arabia relationship has been stemming since the era of former king of Saudi Arabia named King Abdul Aziz. The camaraderie established between the two countries is not separated from the interests of Saudi Arabia against the United States in the military field. United States acts as a bodyguard for Saudi Arabia. This can be demonstrated in the case of the Gulf war between Iraq and Kuwait in which Saudi Arabia asked for protection from the United States. In essence, Saudi Arabia's foreign politics has three main runways for the close relationship with the United States and it is that the two countries are anti-communist and anti-war movements of the radical revolutionary both want stability and security in the Gulf region, and both wants the continuity of investment of the Gulf oil to the industrialized

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