Foreign Policy In The Cold War

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Since its establishment, the United States of America’s strategic foreign policies have adapted and expanded with the evolving world. The country’s use of soft and hard power politics from the Cold War to the present, highlight the country’s adapting foreign policies in a diverse world. There are many factors that play a major role in how foreign policy is developed. For example, national security, public opinion, humanitarian issues, and differentiating ideologies, all can provoke global issues. Every situation requires a different reaction. Some instances require military action, others a diplomatic response, and sometimes it is essential to use economic repercussions. The United States of America’s strategic use of diplomacy and military action is evident throughout history, and demonstrate the diverse dynamics in an ever-changing world.…show more content…
During the Cold War, the United States disagreed with the Soviet Union’s Communist ideology, and seeing them as a national and international threat, the United States put in efforts to contain them. “After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in the Cold War, a broad contest over the ideologies and allegiances of the nonaligned nations. During this period, space exploration emerged as a major area of contest and became known as the space race,” (Garber, Launius). The Soviet Union and the United States competed continuously over their beliefs and accomplishments. Their unstable relationship fueled their need for this competition; therefore the Soviets’ space accomplishment only escalated the tensions during the Cold

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