Foreign Trip Advantages And Disadvantages

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NIGERIA GOVERNORS FORIEGN TRIPS - the need to reflect “Six governors are embarking on a 3-day trip to Germany to discuss areas of partnership and cooperation with a select group of German technocrats and investors…”, Bello-Barkindo Unlike any other time, the above announcement made by the Governors forum spokesperson for a planned trip by Governors elicited a lot of complaints. This is particularly beneficial where the cause of the journey is fully harnessed. A corresponding drawback however, is where governors end up acting otherwise and hence will end up being seen as a jamboree trip. The guiding philosophy to any overseas travel by government officials should be to provide developmental opportunities to the society. The key significance of foreign trips is diplomacy and it is aims at: involving treaties/agreements between high level officials; dialogue amongst academics, business, religious and NGOs to foster relationships in various sectors; and people-people diplomacy aimed at building understanding between hostile communities. Obviously and based on the information given by their spokesperson, the trip is aimed at the first two parts of the diplomacy. It is noteworthy that even in America, the Governors embark on foreign trips to woo both investors and investment in various sectors. A clear indication therefore that foreign trips bring about integration and consequently societal development. In the last one and half decades of Nigeria’s democracy, in order
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