Women's Role In The Ottoman Empire

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What was he role of Women in the Ottoman Empire and did foreign Women trigger the collapse of the Ottoman Empire? Introduction The Ottoman Empire was an enormous empire that reigned for a long time. Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire in late 1200. The Ottoman Empire was one of the most enormous, most victorious and longest lasting empires. There were struggles and many obstacles for the Ottoman Empire, but it was difficult to defeat them. There were tremendous Sultans with many wives who inspired and helped in the success of the Ottoman Empire but also in the collapse. In no other Empire were Women as free and uncontrolled than the Ottoman Empire. Many Women abused their position and was a cause in the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. The women’s…show more content…
The women within the Harem were known to be the most beautiful women in the whole of the Ottoman Empire and were often given as gifts to the harem by leaders and chief of state. The Harem had many women inside but these consisted of wives, women who were either relative or servants. Also the son of the Sultan was permitted to live within the Harem until the age of 16 years old. Men weren’t allowed within the Harem, which caused everyone especially the west to be extremely curios. The definition of the word harem in Arabic means forbidden, which applies to many rules set by the Islam. According to the Koran there were many rules and obligations that needed to be held by the Muslims. If these rules weren’t held and something forbidden was done one would call it harem. In the Harem in the Ottoman Empire Men were forbidden inside and only women would live there. However Men with a lot of money could provide to have a detached portion for the women. Due to this people who weren’t able to go inside were charmed by the Harem. Nevertheless throughout the years more foreign women started getting inside the Harem. In 500 years there were more foreign women than Turkish women. The reason more foreign women started entering the Harem was because they didn’t have many connections and didn’t complicate and they were beautiful. Whereas the Turkish women had…show more content…
The women who were captured were very young, gorgeous and virgins. They would be tossed around until they arrived in Istanbul and the Ottoman Sultan’s Harem. Within the Harem the women would be instructed how to be before arriving in the Sultan’s bed. Conversely not in sexual skills as the western presume that is happening inside the Harem but several skills would be taught and accomplished by the women. The sultan was the only man they were allowed to please. While they were being educated on the skill of being with the Sultan, they were also taught how to sew, sing, and play instruments plus the general rules of the Harem. The Harem wasn’t only used for sexual pleasures. If one was in the Harem it would be a honor and the women inside would learn great skill. The mother of the reigning sultan would be name the Valide Sultan. The Valide Sultan would have the greatest suite within the Harem and had a grander pay than the Sultan. The women one down the Valide would obtain fewer quantities of money than her. The Valide Sultan and daughters were in charge of making sure that the mosques, schools, and hospitals were being constructed properly. Also the Valide Sultan sent money and significant aid to Mecca to support. Often the Valide Sultan was frequently at the top of the rank. However it varied on her brilliance and determinations for
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