Forensic Anthropologist

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Anthropologist The main focal point of a forensic anthropologist is to process the crime scene, examine the victim’s remains, create a biological profile and testify in court. When a forensic anthropologist analyses the scene they have certain duties to perform, these include: conducting an onsite search for human remains, determining if any remains are human, set up a screening area, set up a staging area and preserve the scene by setting up grids. Anthropologists conduct an onsite search because it can give them an idea of how the remains have been scattered, this allows them to revise the search method being used so the remains stay intact and new evidence can be found. Determining if remains are human is very important because it could…show more content…
Anthropologist need to be able to differentiate between human bone and non-human bone because it allows you to establish that the victim is dead and confirm that there is an entire human skeleton. Anthropologists need to conduct taphonomic assessments, this term has come to mean “the interpretation of all events affecting the remains between death and discovery”, the uses of taphonomy are to identify the deceased, determine the cause of death, estimate the post mortem interval and find the clandestine graves. Identifying the deceased is important because you want to make sure you have the right body for the person that has been killed and you want to be able to inform the correct family (if there is any). Determining the cause of death is important because you can look for anyone with access to the murder weapon who had contact with the…show more content…
Entomology is commonly divide into 3 sub categories: medicolegal, urban, and stored product pests. The medicolegal category focuses the criminal aspect of the legal system and works with the necrophagous feeding insects that inhabit decaying remains. The urban category focuses on the insects that affects man and his environment. This area has criminal and civil components as the urban insects will feed on both the living and the dead. Damage caused by their mandibles appears very similar to that of abuse. Stored product insects are mostly found in foods and entomologists can serve as witnesses for the proceedings of food contamination trials. Insects can also make investigations harder, this is because insects such as cockroaches, flies and fleas can walk through the blood leaving small specks of blood similar to blood spatter, also flies and fleas will feast on blood from one area and pass it into their faeces which will test positive when

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