Anthropometric Analysis In Biology Lab

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Anthropometric data were collected from workers in a Forensic biology laboratory in Trinidad and Tobago. All workers working in the laboratory that participated in the study consisted of six females and three males. The weight, height and age of each individual were assessed at the work site being studied which was a microscope workstation. An ergonomic evaluation of microscope workstation was performed which included assessment of the workers, the desk, the chair, the microscope and the environmental conditions. Recommendations were also given on how the microscope workstation can be improved for the health, safety and welfare of workers in that environment. 1. INTRODUCTION Forensic biology laboratories undertake…show more content…
This report is too perform a thorough ergonomic evaluation of a microscope workstation in the forensic biology laboratory. To look through a microscope for over a long period of time can contribute to several health issues like neck pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue and even lead to long term effects like Musculoskeletal disorders. With the use of anthropometric data it can help with good design to improve efficiency and comfort of workers. (Anthropometry, 2014) states that anthropometry is the measurement of people. Anthropometric is mainly the practice of anthropometry and involves the gathering, investigation and application of anthropometric…show more content…
All equipments are usually design for the dimension of target population. In the world, there is a difference of body sizes that are as a result of a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, this is why anthropometric data can be collected and applied in a workplace to improve the safety, health and environment of employees. (Marras and Kim, 1971) conducted a research about the anthropometry of industrial population. Basically, this research was done to show the variation of population body measurement. Industrial population was compared to the United States Army population. This showed that there was a significant difference between the two population especially in the weight and abdominal dimensions. In so doing this, the research concluded that with proper anthropometric data, it can help design workplace that is suitable for various target

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