Forensic Death Investigation

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The history of death investigation goes way back in time. Technology over the year has drastically increased in this field and has found the true perpetrators of the crime more often. It is getting harder for these killers and rapists to get away with their crimes. Criminal cases that were not solved or thought to be solved over 100 years ago can be solved now because of certain technology that can make the evidence more clearly of as to what actually did happen at the scene of the crime. Forensic death investigators have a tough job but with the training in technology, almost anything can be solved. The person that is usually in charge of finding out what happened to the victim is the Coroner. The main job of the Coroner was to find the…show more content…
The first thing the investigator should do is introduce and identify themselves. They are supposed to find the first responder and talk him/her before entering the scene. Once you are done getting what knowledge they have about the crime scene, you must check to see if the scene is safe. The idea to make sure that the scene is safe should not be taken lightly. Any risks that may be around should be terminated immediately. When entering the house be sure not to move anything around that may be related to the cause of the victim’s death and then you must pronounce the victim as dead. The confirmation of death determines jurisdictional responsibilities. The next few things that you will do make the most sense for your job title; Participate in the scene briefing with all the other agency representatives at the scene of the crime, conduct a walkthrough which will put the investigator in the victim shoes for a short time and this will give them a chance to gather any evidence laying around that may be a sharp object or something that might be misplaced, the next step they must follow is to establish a chain of custody, and the last and final step that forensic death investigators must follow when arriving at the death scene is to follow the laws related to the collection of evidence. If all these steps are taken seriously and done correctly, then that will ensure a complete and proper investigation. If the body of the victim arrived at the coroner’s with no or very little evidence, then their job will just get harder. It will be like taking a test on the book but the information in the book has nothing to do with the test. All the evidence taken from the scene of the crime should be handled with care especially if it will be looked at later in the week or even several years from now. Before anyone physically gathers evidence, picture should be taken of

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