Forensic Evidence In Criminal Investigation

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After someone commits a crime, multitudes of people show up to the crime scene. The Police, Detectives, Marshalls, sometimes even the Fire Department and Ambulances depending on the crime. There are many forms of evidence presented in a court of law, but one type of evidence rises above the rest. Forensic Evidence, as stated in “Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation” by Andrea Campbell is the best evidence to present in trial. First to know which evidence is superior, one must know what all types of evidence are. Bob Stevens stole Joe Smith’s white Ford F-150 truck. Joe calls the police and they start investigating the crime. First they will see if they can find anyone that witnessed the crime. Mrs. Tack, Joe’s neighbor, recalls a man fitting the description of Bob, a tall man with dark brown hair, getting into Joe’s truck. This is…show more content…
In the search of the car they also find a few of his tools, and Bobs fingerprints on the car. This is Forensic evidence, the staple of modern investigative process. Since it is running through a computer and matched up microscopically there are no mistakes to be made. This is a game changer, if you can prove something that helps your case is one hundred percent true, then the case is basically just won. That is why forensic evidence is the most used and most reliable evidence that all prosecutors and defense attorneys use. In a court room there will be many types of evidence presented, yet one rises above the others, especially in the most important category, reliability. This is strongly due to the lack of human intervention. It stands immobile. Because unless the criminal takes something away from the crime scene, hard evidence does not leave. Unlike crime scene bystanders, hard evidence will not get confused or become frightened. And unlike criminals, it will not make up stories or

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