Forensic Field Observation Report

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What I love about The iSchool is the fact that they are so focused on making our education built on the specific interests of the students and on what we think is best for our educational development. They are flexible I also really love the fact that The iSchool offers challenging and engaging courses like the forensics course. I am really interested in forensics because it’s like a puzzle. The forensic anthropologist has to use facts and background information to put together a story and solve the mystery. Another aspect of The iSchool that I like is the fact that many courses are taken online so that means If I am confused on something at home I have access to an explanation online. In conclusion going to The iSchool would be a great experience.

A difficult decision I was faced with recently was during my vacation when my family went on a safari in Kenya. Kenya is very close to Ethiopia the place where I was born. When I was 3 I was adopted from Addis Ababa because my mother
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In Kenya I got to see so many amazing things some of my favorites were getting to see elephants splashing around in a river, three cheetah brothers playfully rough-housing and two lionesses sprawled out in a field on their backs and tummies in the sun. This trip made me realize how so many of these animals faced serious endangerment and not enough people were aware of that. I learned that elephants are really the sweetest of animals and that these great big animals are terrified of bees. One of our guides told us that they noticed they had a spacific noise to signal the bees were coming. But I also learned that the poaching of elephants has become very serious in eastern region of Africa ranging between 419,000 and 650,000 elephants. One of my favorite places we stayed at was called Elephant Watch and the also own an amazing orginization called Save The Elephants. You can learn a lot more at

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