Forensic Investigator Role In Crime Scene Investigation

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Answer: Role and importance of Investigator in crime scene investigation, Forensic Investigator in Crime scene investigation plays a very important role in crime scene investigation, whenever there is a crime first the Police officer reaches the scene of crime and investigate the case and as on requirement the various subspecialties related to that offence concerned Forensic Investigator is called upon to the scene of crime to investigate the case and scene.

The goals and objectives of the Crime Scene Investigators at the scene of crime is to collection, preservation, packaging, transportation, and documentation related with physical evidence left behind at the crime scene so as to reach the case to its conclusion.
The crime scene is being
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Testimonial i.e. witness: those who have witnessed the crime. 2. Physical evidence: Physical evidence could be any type material which has some link to the crime and could be able to connect with the crime and help to crack the case. The so called physical evidence collected by the crime scene investigator at the crime scene in the form f physical evidence that it May prove that a crime has been committed, they can Establish any key elements of a crime, Link a suspect with a crime scene or a so called victim, Establishing the identity or individuality of a victim or suspect, Corroborate verbal witness testimony and Exonerate the innocent this is the role and importance of crime scene investigator in the crime scene investigation at scene of crime. This evidence collected by the investigator will give the important clues to the investigating authority i.e. police officer to lead the…show more content…
While making a report in crime scene investigation, investigator should adopt a proper protocol and methodology. The notes and reports should be done in a sequential order and should include no opinions, no analysis, or no conclusion. Just the facts, in no probability the investigator should presume or assume the facts. The scene need to be documented the moment the forensic investigator get the chance to take over and whenever e sees it.
Sketching a crime scene Sketches are used along with the reports and various photographs are needed to document the scene. A crime scene sketch is simply an drawing that need to be accurate, which shows the appearance of a crime scene. The sketch of the crime scene is being drawn to show various items, the various position and relationship of various

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