Forensic Pathologist Essay

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Analysis of Problem
Being a forensic pathologist can be incredibly stressful and gruesome. They see dead bodies in every state imaginable and have to stay calm collected and not let it affect their psyche, but this can be difficult. The stress from this and dealing with families, courts and publicity can cause accidents that could result in serious injury and permanent damage.
Dealing with the Dead Forensic pathologists may have to do up to 250, but no more than 350 autopsies a year according to PBS. This means they may see up to 350 corpses of people who died in a suspicious way. This can be taxing on any person, no matter how hardened they may be, not only because of the work but because forensic pathologists have to view and handle corpses mangled by crimes, suicide, injuries, illnesses and accidents. They also have to meet with grieving and possible unstable
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Some of the more common hazards include exposure to disease and infection from corpse tissues and other bodily remnants. There is also a risk of skin contact and inhalation of hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, which is used to preserve the body and its parts, or even chemicals used to disinfect the autopsy equipment. Occasional exposure to radiation from x-rays used to see if there are foreign objects in the body like bullets and the bone structure of a corpse. Forensic pathologists are taught to use precautions such as gloves, surgical masks, lab coats, shoe coverings, plastic aprons, respirators, arm protectors, goggles, and hair coverings, but there is still an element of risk (Mandel). Stress can increase the chances of mistakes and negligence and in turn, can result in any of the bodily harms listed. In forensic pathology, there is a lot of stress including the previous mentioned irregular work hours, the incredible workload of dealing with loved ones of the victims and media and dealing with the shocking images of the
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