Essay On Forensic Pharmacology

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• Prescription or dispensation of the wrong drug
• Use of counterfeit drugs
• Incorrect storage of drugs
• Incorrect calculation of dosage
• Administration of a wrong dose
• Harmful drug interactions
• Adverse events (AEs) related to drug use
• Adverse drug reactions (ADRs)
It can be said that the forensic pharmacologist will review a case akin to a clinical pharmacologist or assess an administrative problem or a clinical challenge but with his focus on the specific legal issue involved. A forensic pharmacologist can be a part-time forensic scientist or do a regular job in the domain of forensic practices[1, 35].
The services provided by a forensic pharmacologist can be classified as administrative, clinical evaluation and distributive. The
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These include pharmacology, which deals with what different drugs; their therapeutic effects and uses, as well as forensic medicine which deals with the legal implications of behavior, injury and illnesses. The student also learns about the clinical implications of drugs as part of internal medicine. However, there is no integrated course that focuses on forensic pharmacology as a specialized subject. In today’s perspective, it is essential that forensic pharmacology is developed as a subspecialty to pave way for a high quality and fast paced medico-legal service in India. The lack of a proper subspecialty of forensic pharmacology in India can be cited as a deficiency which needs to be recognized and rectified[37]. An evolved system of forensic pharmacology is needed to accurately document and analyze the drug or chemical related injuries of the victim and his or her body fluid samples. It can minimize the common forensic errors occurring in emergency departments and hospitals. With the specialized work force, errors in recognizing, collecting or preserving evidential material[38-40], incorrect interpretations and lack of knowledge of policing or methods of investigation can be

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