Forensic Psychologist Career Paper

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Erie, Pennsylvania is the average American city. Once a great city built on the factories in the area, the people of Erie now depend on other careers for money. With a struggling economy and a majority of the population around the area living in poverty it can be hard to find a career that will make money. Once one finds a career, they must determine which will support them best in the local economy. Two jobs on opposite sides of the spectrum are farm owner and forensic psychologist. When taking flexibility of education, salary, and career growth into consideration, forensic psychology seems like a much steadier job for the City of Erie and the surrounding areas.
Due to the stressful and emotional nature of this job, it is important for those who desire to be a forensic psychologist to have a particular kind of personality. Forensic psychologists must have patience. When dealing with patients who may have mental disorders, it can take quite some time to get through a session. It can take a great deal of time gathering research and
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Forensic psychologists can build a client list, but there are always new clients; this rotating clientele can make it hard to determine everyday tasks. Some daily tasks include more than one-on-one assessments and counseling. A pivotal role as a forensic psychologist is research. As a psychologist, research is a critical duty to gather information about how the mind works and how it affects a person’s emotions and actions. Forensic psychologists might present findings and research to staff and company officials. They may be accountable for advising prison staff on how to handle inmates, deal with outbursts of violence, or observe convicts for suicidal tendencies. Along with these services, a forensic psychologist may attend meetings on managing behaviors of certain offenders such as: sex offenders, serial killers, kleptomaniacs, and arsonists (“What Does…”
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