Forensic Radiology Personal Statement

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Throughout my life, I have come to regard the undeniable austerity education presents within itself. I have, on that matter, strove to accomplish further education since I began my tedious journey through high school. To further my own knowledge, I, of course, aspire to attend college and earn a four year degree in forensic radiology with a minor in nuclear medicine from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama or from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Although, my goal is to more than to simply graduate. I hope to exceed my own expectations, along with those of my peers and mentors, by participating wholly throughout the rest of high school and while attending college. I also anticipate full participation of my time solely to my collegiate studies. I will put forth all of my time and effort to crafting my education into the…show more content…
I would like to continue my education through the work force, learning from peers and from my own personal experience. I believe real life or hands on experience constitutes the best form of teaching an individual can possibly possess and this experience will present the most optimal results and the greatest possibility for success. I hope to acquire an occupation that illustrates ambiguity in its finest form and can never be fully understood. The ideal job for me, a forensic radiology technologist, purely represents a job in which the continuation of knowledge will never cease and in which I will learn something every day that I did not know the day before. As spoken by Peter Drucker, “Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.” This quote alliterates the importance of knowledge and understanding and the eternal growth thereof. I believe as long as I am alive and able I will continue to further my wisdom in not only my area of expertise, but in absolutely everything I can obtain knowledge of, as extensively as
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