Forensic Science Career Paper

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Forensic Scientists are scientist who gather evidence to test and solve a criminal case. You must meet a minimum of 6 requirements to even consider the field; one must be a U.S. citizen, hold a valid driver 's license, be at least 19 (21 in some cases), have no prior convictions or arrests for felonies, domestic violence or serious misdemeanors, have a high school diploma or GED, have a minimum of two years public-contact work experience, prior law enforcement service or military service. This does not include the mental and physical stability you must have. Forensic Science is not something anyone and everyone is cut out for but it is something worth going into if that is your interest. It’s a career path that is forever evolving and changing the course of history. The job has multiple responsibilities, requirements, and financial duties, such as taking care of evidence, analyzing things correctly, having the proper training, and learning where your position and salary meet.

Forensic science is any science that has to do with the field of law. Analysts in the field of forensics are
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“However, your duties could vary depending on your specialism, and may include some or all of the following: blood grouping and DNA profiling analysing fluid and tissue samples for traces of drugs and poisons identifying, comparing and matching various materials examining splash patterns and the distribution of particles analysing handwriting, signatures, ink and paper providing expert advice on explosives, firearms and ballistics researching and developing new technologies recovering data from computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment attending crime scenes, such as a murder or fire giving impartial scientific evidence in court supervising assistant forensic scientists in the laboratory” (Forensic Scientist Job Information | National Careers

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