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Science has come a long way over the years. It has helped countless every day struggles and cure diseases most commonly found. What you don’t hear about however is the advancement of forensic science. Forensic science has helped solve countless cases of murder, rape, and sexual assault. In the case of John Joubert, it helped solve the murders of three young boys with one small piece of evidence that linked him directly to the crime. The Evidence Victims In this case, there were three total victims between the ages of eleven to thirteen, all of which being boys. While jogging near his home in Portland, Maine, eleven-year-old Richard Stetson went missing. During his newspaper route, thirteen-year-old Danny Joe Eberle vanished in the early hours…show more content…
In this case, the victim was found south of where he was initially kidnapped from a few yards away from the road, hidden in the weeds. The pathologist found hemorrhaging on the top of the skull, which was assumed to be from being tossed around in the trunk of Joubert’s car. He also found a total of eleven stab wounds on Eberle’s body. Eight of the stab wounds penetrated the skin, but three of those were less deep. Nine of those eleven stab wounds happened before death. The victim had no shirt or pants on, and there was a slice on the back of his neck and the back of his left leg. There was also the rope used to tie him up, which could not be identified by trace analysts because they had never seen it before. He wiped his knife clean on Eberle’s shirt, and left the…show more content…
He was hidden in a grove of trees outside of town where no one would be able to find him. Just like in the case of Eberle, he too was found stripped of his shirt and pants. During the autopsy, there was evidence of strangulation, stabbing, and suffering. Evidence found. In Walden’s case, the pathologist said that he was stabbed seven times. Two of the five wounds had penetrated deeply. He had stab wounds to the back, and found slices on his stomach after he was dead, to insure Walden was dead. There was evidence that Joubert strangled the boy. His death did not occur immediately, he slowly lapsed into a coma and eventually died. Walden’s clothing was found at the scene of the crime next to his body. The knife used was later found in a

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