Forensic Science Myths

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If you ever watched TV crime fighting shows like CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and Bones, you see that these shows put forensic science on a high pedestal when the truth is these TV shows misrepresent the forensics profession in some major ways. Here are some myths that are spread to the public and what everybody believes forensic science is. One myth is that these forensic scientists are making tones of money. The truth is they are not compensated nearly as well as you’d think they’d be The national average for a medical examiner is around $45,000. While forensic engineers end to be paid a little more, about 79,000 a year in some states. Southern states tend to pay a little less, and salaries get higher as you move west and north. In the TV shows…show more content…
At her trail, detective Dennis Chapmen testified that finger prints on a pill bottle found at the crime scene after a level one basic comparison matched her prints. The detective did this despite lacking any training in conducting latent print comparisons. Regardless, he testified anyway. This was the only evidence against Canen and she was convicted and sentenced to 55 years in prison. After the conviction an attorney who believed that Canen was innocent took on the case. Cara Wieneke, who was the attorney that took on her case, hired an independent expert to conduct an analysis of the fingerprint. This expert told Wieneke that based on her analysis Canen was excluded. But according to Wieneke the prosecutor refused a request to have the state crime lab re-analyze the print. Canen was then granted an evidentiary hearing and her expert prepared a report on her findings. That report was turned over to the prosecutor and reviewed by Detective Chapman. After this Detective realized his error and reported it to his supervisor who in turn ordered an internal investigation. At the evidentiary hearing, Detective Chapman admitted that he made a misidentification. He testified that his current opinion is based on additional training that he received since Canen’s trial. Detective Chapman also admitted that he overstated his experience to jurors at the…show more content…
criminal justice system has many flaws that ultimately fall short of the foundational American principles. However, both followers of Christ and none followers we should respond to the problems with the American justice system by speaking out and letting the people of America know about the flaws of the system so that less false convictions take place. One can imagine that if the juries knew about the faulty forensic science defendants can be more assured in their life’s are in more capable and understanding hands. Jurors must understand that they must have certainty, certainty beyond reasonable doubt, because if they are wrong a person’s life may be at stake. In conclusion, the citizens of the United States of American need to be reassured that the purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to deliver justice for all, uphold social control, and alleviate criminal activity by convicting and punishing the guilty whilst protecting the

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