Forensic Significance Of Hair Essay

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MAJOR PROJECT 2015 AMITY INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC SCIENCE FORENSIC SIGNIFICANCE OF HAIR Submitted by: SHUBHANGI SRIVASTAVA Enrollment No. : A5905914083 B.SC [HONS.]FORENSIC SCIENCE 2014-2017 Under Guidance of: Dr. Pooja Malik Puri Assistant Professor,AIFS APPROVAL This is to certify that the finaI project report entitIed “Forensic Significance of hair ” Submitted by Ms.Shubhangi Srivastava, Student of B Sc.[Hons.]Forensic Sciences (2014-17) of Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences under my guidance. This work is original and it has not been submitted earlier in any form to any university or institution. The work was carried out at Amity University. To the best of my knowledge Ms. Shubhangi Srivastava bears a good moral character. (POOJA MALIK PURI) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My Report on Forensic significance of hair is very informative and it has also enhanced my knowledge. It was fun working on this report as I came to know so many things about the hair. I would like to thanks my guide Dr.…show more content…
It may be defined as filamentous outgrowths of the skin and are composed of Keratin. It hugely differs from animals to animals on the basis of their species with difference in length, root appearance, shape, color and other physical and chemical characteristics. There are also chances of variability in the types of hairs that are found on the body of a particular animal. Likewise in Humans the hairs are present on different parts of the body like on head, arms, legs, pubic region and other body area. In some animals they are like fur whereas in other animals they cover the whole
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