Forensics Officer Responsibilities

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In this paper I will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of a forensics officer in a crime scene. When working any crime scene the first and most important rule is maintaining secure control of the scene, and ensuring the safety of bystanders as well as the other personnel working in the area. The easiest way to ensure safety is as soon as the scene is located; you want to cordon off the entire scene with 365 degree security. The purpose for that is to guarantee nothing, or no one goes in or out of the crime scene without proper verification. That not only keeps the crime scene from contamination, but also provides a way to maintain a proper chain of custody on all potential evidence.
After the scene has been taped off and secure you
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It is essential to provide a written report of all examinations for use by the Courts and attendance at court may be required in order to provide information regarding their scene examination. Once your crime scene is examined and you have a suspect the first thing you want to do is check for Gun Shot Residue (GSR). GSR can be a vital piece of evidence determining if a suspect was actually the one shooting at a crime scene. The GSR is generally made of Barium, Antimony, and Styphnate. These are the main ingredients that come from firing a gun. It gets on your clothing and skin which will all be swabbed for analysis. In order to consider yourself a good candidate for this job you have to be prepared to deal with situations that can be far from comfortable for the average individual. You must have great attention to detail and be prepared to put in hours of evaluating and reevaluating. The ability to articulate in person and in writing is a necessary skill to have as you will talk to many people and write reports on a daily…show more content…
We also determined that CSI can be generalized as the recording of a scene, principally through photography, forensic examination including evidence retrieval followed by appropriate packaging and documentation, and performing a fingerprint search of the scene. We also discussed the importance of maintaining a proper chain of custody as well as thorough record keeping through the entire investigation process. We’ve also discussed the importance of photography at the crime scene before and after evidence was picked up, along with photographs was also the importance of a detailed to scale sketch of the entire scene after properly being measured. Lastly we’ve discussed collection of GSR and what it

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