Foreshadowing In John Of Cat's Cradle

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“Call me Jonah. My parents did, or nearly did. They called me John.”(Chp1. 1 Vonnegut) At the beginning of the novel our protagonist is introduced, and anyone that knows the biblical text can notice, that of which Kurt possibly left for interpretation, the two biblical prophets, John the Baptist and John of Patmos. John the Baptist gave the prophecy of the coming of Christ and was seated at the head of his table, and John of Patmos was given, by God, the vision of the coming end, that of which he was unable to understand. Moreover, John of Cat’s Cradle appears to be a prophet due to his conversion from Christianity to Bokononism while he pursues the Hoenikker children, and with his conversion to Bokononism actually foreshadows the coming of…show more content…
3 Vonnegut) We can interpret that Kurt is giving a foreshadowing of how the novel will end as well our protagonist John is reflecting and letting us, the reader, understanding of his conversion from Christianity to Bokononism. Unfortunately a person who does not know the biblical text would not be able to notice, as well as reading of the entire novel, the connection that Kurt made between John of Cat's Cradle, John the Baptist and John of Patmos. A more straightforward Kurt Vonnegut gives the realities of how powerful a religion can be “Anyone unable to understand how a useful religion can be founded on lies will not understand this book either.”(Chp 4 P. 3 Vonnegut) Here Kurt Vonnegut conveys that religion itself are founded on lies and deception. For many the use of religion is a form of control considering the lies that are told possibly about other forms of religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, etc. “It was the belief of Bokonon that good societies could be built only by pitting good against evil, and by keeping the tension between the two high at all times.”(Chp 47 P.7 Vonnegut) Kurt already has thrown the dark side of religion he explains that if you have religion you can make people, who follow blindly, believe that good is being done by using violence “in the name of
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