Foreshadowing In One Of These Days Short Story

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Stories often possess foreshadowing. Authorsemploy foreshadowing either by briefly mentioning an important issue earlier in the story or by evoking certain emotions that make readers predict what will happen later on. Foreshadowing enables readers to notice the mood of the story, whether it is a fun story or a tragic one. By writing a story, an author becomes capable of delivering their thoughts to readers, and foreshadowing is one of the best tools that authors can use to implant dramatic effects in the story. However, it is not always easy to find what the foreshadowing are, and what their effects are. From now on, I am going to deal with various foreshadowing used in two stories, “One of these days” and “The Landlady”. Firstly, “One of these days” is about a dentist dealing with the city’s mayor. The main theme of the story is about conflicts between two characters, the dentist and the mayor.Throughout the story, the dentist revealsthe feeling of hatred against the mayor. In the beginning of the story, the author highlights the fact that the dentist is in a relatively low status,…show more content…
In “One of these days”, the foreshadowing of the social status of the dentist made the conflict between the two characters to be seen as a twist as the mayor was in much higher status. The conflict would not have seen such dramatic if there weren’t any explanation of dentist. Even if the rebellion was quite temporary, the settings provided at the first part of the plot helps the story to maintain the tension while reading. Likewise, the foreshadowing that implied the upcoming danger of Billy in “The Landlady”also provides the readers with the tension as they will feel anxiety until the actual incidence happens. The readers could have noticed the mood of the story because of numerous foreshadowing. Due to these effects, the readers can be absorbed in stories
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