Foreshadowing In Quitters Inc Short Story

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In the story Quitters Inc by stephen king, Morrison the main character, is addicted to smoking but when his friend tells him to go to a place, it was out of the ordinary of what he thought. They would threaten his family or hurting his family if he were to ever smoke again. In the story, stephen kings most powerful use of foreshadowing is when Morrison asked jimmy about his weight. The symbolism that cigarettes portray for stephen king i hatred. It is hatred by the way stephen king used Donatti in the story. On example is when donatti asked mr. Morrison for his cigarettes then it says "donatti put the pack on the desk... He curled his right hand into a fist and began to hammer it down on the pack of cigarettes, which twisted and flattened.". With his use of action, stephen king portrays hatred by slamming down the pack of cigarettes. Sometimes when people are mad, they tend to slam something or hit something. In this text, donatti slams the cigarettes and hammers it down like if he hated them.…show more content…
In the beggining on page 210 morrison asks jimmy "did you put on any wieght?" Then jimmy replied liek of he had a grim look", yes a little too much in fact." In the ending donatti set morrisons weight at 182 and if morrsion asked what happens if he goes over 182 and donatti said "we'll send someone out to your house to cut off your wifes little finger." With this, if we refer back, jimmy said he went overweight a little to much over his weight and becauee of that they cut off his wife's finger because in the ending when morrsion shakes jimmy's wife's hand, she is missing a finger. So because of that, jimmy had a grim
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