Foreshadowing In Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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The Star-Crossed Lovers ' Fatal Foreshadowing; Impossible Odds and Unable Bodies Love and death are incredibly closely related in Romeo and Juliet. This bond, by definition, has no correlation and it is seen constantly with every act Shakespeare wrote. He conveyed his intended messages through word play and through ironic disposition. Furthermore, the star-crossed lovers met with each other 's death (or lack thereof) and paid the ultimate price for eternal love. Romeo and Juliet purposely tie the themes of love and death together; specifically, how family and friends react to the star-crossed lover 's impulsive decisions and how foreshadowing the inevitable tragedy of their death-marked love proves how strong Romeo and Juliet 's bond is. Throughout the play we see Benvolio, Mercutio and Romeo showing signs of love through their words and actions for each other. Benvolio makes multiple attempts to help Romeo out of his sadness by socializing with him. This is portrayed to overcome Romeo’s hasty love, Rosaline. The significance of this event is clear because…show more content…
Foreshadowing takes a large role in Shakespeare’s works, it being a way for the audience to take part in the telling of the story. They are able to use the information given to them through jokes or monologues. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare foreshadows the deaths of nearly every main character in the play. Firstly, Benvolio advising Romeo “Take thou some new infection to thy eye and the rank poison of the old will die” (1.2.49-50). Benvolio speaks of how Romeo will find a new love and his love for Rosaline will die. By saying this Benvolio foreshadows the death of Romeo’s love for Rosaline, and the spark of fiery love for Juliet as he enters the Capulet household. Secondly Romeo foreshadowing the rest of the play proclaiming of a dream dictating a fateful chain of events that end in his demise. All this coming to fruition after finding his “dead”
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