Foreshadowing In The Bluest Eye

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The novel The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison has various characters with different characteristics. The novel introduces one of the narrators Claudia MacTeer who is a nine year old who provides her perspective in both a child and adult point of view. Due to her stable family she is a very brave and influential person, who despises racists beauty standards. Claudia believes that there shouldn 't be standards to be beautiful. Is close friends to Pecola and defends her when Pecola is being bullied. Claudia’s sister Frieda, she 's a ten year old girl who is stubborn and independent. Frieda is more braver than her sister, she defends both her sister and Pecola. Mrs. MacTeer takes care of her daughter and provides Pecola with a place to stay with her due to the misfortunates her family is going through. Pecola Breedlove is the another narrator and the protagonist novel. Pecola is a very fragile child she lives through violence between her parents Cholly Breedlove and Pauline. Through the novel she is constantly referred to as being ugly this leads to her wanting blue eyes so she can be accepted by society, and make her parents stop fighting. Cholly Breedlove is a complex…show more content…
Toni Morrison uses different stylistic elements throughout the novel. The novel uses foreshadowing to imply future events that will occur to an individual character, likewise flashbacks are used to give background of characters. Allisons are used in the novel to explain and clarify the concepts in the novel. In addition, the novel is being told through two different point of views. Toni Morrison alternates between first person and third person narration. Claudia a nine year old girl can imply her thoughts and perspective giving the point of view of an innocent child. Third person narration gives the novel depth on the characters past. Connotative diction in order to set the tone of having envy and anger. the novel also uses symbols, the blue eyes represent the cultural beauty, and how beauty is
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