Foreshadowing In The Judges Wife

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When Nicholas Vidal, a gang member, is told a prophecy of his death his entire life changes. After allowing a Turkish woman to read his fortune in coffee grounds, the woman confirmed that he would one day loose his head over a woman. In the Judges wife by Isabel Allende, the author uses imagery, foreshadowing, and symbolism to covey her story of Nicholas Vidal.

Since confirming his prophecy, Vidal shunned women out of his life in fear of the prophecy coming true. When Judge Hidalgo marries Casilda, Vidal is very unpleased by the sight of her even going as far as calling her ‘ugly’. As Vidal expressed his disapproval of Casilda, imagery is very evident. “This ethereal slip of a girl in her wedding gown, eyes filled with wonder, and fingers obviously unskilled in the art of rousing a man to pleasure, seemed to him almost ugly.” (Pg.283) These lines describe to the audience how Vidal saw Casilda on her wedding day. He sees her as innocent and inexperienced as he describes some of her features. He finds this especially ‘ugly’ about her.

From his birth it was prophesied that he would loose his head to a woman. The entire story of Vidal is based on foreshadowing. From the beginning the audience can assume that the prophecy would come true and are
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The author took time to include small details that can only be found while reading in between the lines. “…While all her infallible methods of aborting might have failed to dislodge him, they had none the less tempered his soul to the hardness of iron”.(Pg.285) The author uses the symbol of Iron to represent the personality of Vidal. When saying his soul is as hard as iron she is giving the audience a crucial piece of information. This could easily mean that Vidal has a very strong personality and does not bend easily. This shows a contrast to his personality because at the end of the story when he makes love to Casilda, his personality does not reflect that of
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