Foreshadowings In Richard Matheson's Button, Button, By Richard Matheson

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Would you push the button? In the story Button, Button by Richard Matheson he foreshadows the ending a lot throughout the book. He had a lot of little details in the story that shows how it will end. He also had Mr. Steward say a lot of words that made you think something is really fishy. the last way that Matheson foreshadowed how the story will end was how Mr. and Mrs. Lewis acted. One huge way that Richard Matheson foreshadowed the ending in the story, Button, Button was through Mr. Steward. I think Mr. steward said a lot of words that made him seem Suspicious, and also it really seemed like he was trying to Persuade Mr. and Mrs. Lewis into pressing the button like almost if he wanted them and them to be the ones to press the button. Like on pg. 104 when Norma asked, “ Whom do you represent?” Mr. steward looked embarrassed, and said, “I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to tell you that.” (Matheson 104) I think this foreshadowed that something was a little bit weird because he was embarrassed when she asked that. Now on page 105, Mr. Steward said a lot of little words to try to persuade Mrs. Lewis, he said things like, “Are you sure you wouldn 't care to think about it for a day or so?” and, “I’ll leave my card.” (Matheson 105) This is how I think Mr. steward foreshadowed the ending. Another way that Richard Matheson foreshadowed the ending was how Mr. and Mrs. acted towards one another. Throughout the book, you could kinda see that they were fighting over the button. They
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