Forest Fire Pros And Cons

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“Forests are vital for sustainable development and human wellbeing” said Dr. Emily B. Schultz, Associate Professor of Forestry. Nevertheless the decline of forests over the world last decade has led to grave imbalance of earth's green lung. Undoubtedly, one of the major threats behind the forest‘s cover has been forest fires.
This essay paper will give you a glimpse about forest fire. It includes defining what forest fire is, then the causes and impacts will mentioned from environmental, economic and social perspectives after that the most effective solutions will be elaborated and evaluated by their own pros and cons in other to find out the best one
Forest Fire, in other words, means, "A severe, uncontrollable and massive fire that occurs in wooded and dry areas" it is also known as wildfire, vegetation fire. (UK Department of Forest) Wildfires have always been a menace to people for many previous decades. In 1987, The Black Dragon Fire has become the most massive wildfire in history which was caused by a careless smoker; it scorched nearly 34 million acres in Northern China and Russia (Hal Bruno, 1989)
In this day and age, Forest Fire is really a growing concern throughout the
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This result not only loss ecological balance but also impact directly on human societies. In the environment aspect, firstly they disturb animal habitats leading to ecological destruction. Furthermore, forest fires contribute to global warming which has the devastating effect on the planet. In term of economy, when fires approach homes can burn properties and damage to forestry areas, the whole communities have to be evacuated. The last one is effect on society. They may destroy the vast amounts of forest products such as wood, food and medicines. Especially, tribal people and the rural poor who lost their livelihood, even many firefighters who attempted to put out a forest fire have put their lives in

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