Forestry Objectives In Brunei

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Brunei Darussalam’s tropical forests are managed optimally, sustainably and sound’s ecologically. Brunei’s tropical forests are divided into five categories:
a) Protected forest - For critical watersheds and ecological preserves.
b) Conservation forest - For natural habitats, wildlife sanctuaries and education especially for scientific researches.
c) Recreational forest - For outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and jungle trekking.
d) National park - For ecological and education such as biological nature research, eco-tourism and cultural preservation.
e) Production forest - For timber supply and essential forest products.
Economically, the forestry objectives are:
• Manage to achieve long term of supply for timber and
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The plans developed require changes in strategic approach, planning, and execution with directed emphasis on a proactive instead of reactive style.
Hence, the mission of the Forestry Department in is to manage the forests of the country in an efficient and effective manner towards attaining the vision of excellence in tropical forest. The Forestry Department is committed to:
1. Permanent forest estates or reserves cover up to at least 55% of the total land area.
2. Sensible amount of the natural resource is sustainably allocated for multi-purpose utilization.
3. A 3-pronged National Forestry Strategic Plan is developed that consist of Environmental Forestry, Industrial Forestry, and Excellence in Tropical Forestry.
4. Ensure the efficiency of the administration in organizing the
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Encouragement in the exportation of value-added products

The Government has initiated stimulation for the export of finished products especially the high value-added items resulting from downstream processing.
The Forest Department has also crafted a “5-star excellent strategy” in anticipating the state of forestry in the 21st century such as follows:
 Star 1: Forest for the Future and Prosperity Perpetuate our forests

Our forest are our heritage and the key to our prosperity that prolongs for the next generations.

The strategies are:
 Protecting and managing the permanent forest reserves that cover at least 55% of the country’s total land.
 Completing the Brunei National Herbarium and execute it in full operation with a target of 30,000 specimens.
 Establish the Brunei Tropical Biodiversity Centre and the Royal Brunei Botanic Gardens in the next future.
 Publish the flora and fauna of Brunei.

 Star 2: Forest as Sustainable Products

Keeping our forest resources sustainable, optimal and environmentally productive.

The strategies are:
 Revise and enforce forestry laws and regulations effectively.
 Develop and maintain strategic reserve for the natural production forest

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