Forever 21 Pest Analysis

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Introduction Forever 21 is a clothing brand that is based in many countries. Most people would be very familiar with the brand as it caters to them in terms of a fashion retailer. The country that will be in this report would be in Singapore and the purpose of the report is to perform an environmental analysis on a company. The structure would be an introduction, followed by company background, country background, PESTEL analysis, porter’s 5 forces, strategic recommendations and conclusion. Company Background Forever 21 was founded by a South Korean couple; Don Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang; his wife. Forever 21 started in America with a chain of American fashion retailers which is ranked as the 122nd largest private company. The operations for Forever 21 are set up as a physical location in the whole wide world and not only that; they do have an online store that only caters in the US. This big organisation has hundreds of vendor manufacturing facilities throughout the world to manufacture their products and also ensuring they work in a safe and healthy environment to provide good quality products to us; customers.…show more content…
It not only caters products like clothing for both genders, but also shoes, teenagers clothing, accessories and beauty products. Clothing is the key product sold as compared to the rests of the items. In ensuring that business goes well for the company, the management engaged promotions through media advertisements and hand phone apps to let customers view their products easier online and hired people for the various positions in the organisation company example managers, store assistants and supervisors. Though each of them plays a different role, they are an important part to the
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