Forex Pentium Robot Case Study

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1. Keyword: Suggested Title: Can the Forex Pentium Robot Make You the Promised $11,000/month? Suggested Title: Forex Pentium Review: Just lofty promises or real results? Every few months a new forex robot is introduced to a market that is perpetually on the lookout for the next million dollar strategy. The makers of these programs follow a simple marketing approach, appeal to one of man's fondest wishes- to make gains without any pains and that is exactly what they promise. So, when Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group promise you returns of $11,000 plus, nobody seems to be shocked although it does get a few novices to sit up and start dreaming. Yet, the real question is this, can this group of strategy makers and programmers actually deliver on this assurance? After all, remember it is your money on the line and not theirs. So, before you head to to buy this product, read this unbiased review of what this software can and cannot do.…show more content…
Based on what their website says, this is a program that can be used to trade two currency pairs: EUR/USD and CHF/USD. The robot is to be used on the MT 4 platform like many others out there. The software is compatible with any broker that does not prohibit auto trading. It can be used in the manual as well as the fully auto mode. The tool uses the M15 chart along with H1 to generate entry and exit signals. The makers of the product are calling it the 5th generation forex robot although there is no indication of the basis on which this claim is being made. Why should you consider investing in this
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