Forged By Fire Analysis

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The book “Forged by Fire” by Sharon M. Draper is a book with many themes and lessons we all can learn. One of the themes that this essay will talk about will be about loyalty. For one thing, loyalty is a strong feeling because it’s something that comes from inside of a person to have faith in someone . We are all loyal to someone, someone who’s special in our lives and plays a major role in our lives that drags us to support them no matter what. In this book, Gerald gets abused by his drunk father. He wants to get rid of him, but Monique, the mother is very loyal to Jordan and defends him. This makes Gerald’s life miserable, and the only thing that brings a smile to his face is his step-sister, Angel, whom he possesses and cares for. Therefore, referring to some parts, and experience as a person, I can state that loyalty doesn’t always go both ways. Many people do not care if loyalty doesn’t return to them. They still continue being loyal. Monique, Gerald’s mother, never…show more content…
These ideas of how many people give limitless love and loyalty to someone, yet wanting some attention/credits, as they deserve it. This shows us how sad it is for many people to not get treated fairly because what they give doesn’t get returned to them. In the end Monique is so into making sure everything is to be perfect for Jordan, and standing up to him. Doesn’t Monique deserve at least a little back from Jordan? There are so many people we hurt because we aren’t aware of the love we have. Loyalty, it’s the second level to love. You’re proving your love for someone by standing up for them no matter what. We need to make sure there’s no one in our life who does so much for our smile and safety, and we return absolutely nothing. Imagine all the people in the world not talking to you one day, you’ll then realize the value of all, and every person, and will be very thankful for what you have. Is there anyone who’s loyal to YOU? Identify them, and think to yourself, what would you be without
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