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In the article, “Forget Shorter Showers” by Derrick Jensen, the author shows the reader how they are not truly saving the earth by showering less, producing less waste or by limiting use of power. In fact, Jensen is placing the blame more toward a political based problem and more on the elites of the world who tend to blame the individuals. Jensen’s article tends to lean more toward the anti-capitalistic view of capitalism causing the earth to crumble due to the government and the elites of the world. These facts are proven by Jensen’s research into the actual use of energy consumption showing that individuals tend to use only a fourth of it, leaving the rest to be wasted away by the big corporations. Jensen also furthers his argument by showing the amount of waste used by citizens. This number shows that people only account for 3% of the waste produced. This brings attention to how little of an affect each individual could have if they tried to recycle. Even more, is the waste of water as it is only 10% which is split between people and other municipals. This leaves the other 90% to be used by corporate businesses in the world. Now it comes…show more content…
Jensen provides insight to these views by saying “we can disrupt a political system tilted toward the rich as well as an extractive economic system, we can destroy the industrial economy that is destroying the real, physical world” (Jensen,N.P). Yes people can agree that the government is more in favor of the rich, but taking down the whole system won’t fix anything. What Jensen forgets is we need an economy to be a structurally sound to run a country. He forgets that without a capitalist system we would become an impoverished 3rd world country. These radical views are what leave Jensen to be questioned is he insane or, a modern day
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