Forgetfulness In Our Life

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It is natural for human to forget things very easily. Do you know the word human being in Arabic is called insaan and this word come from the root word that means ‘to forget’. Why human tend to forget things very easily even though human brain can store a vast number of memories? Why can we recall those memories when we need to? This question always appear in our daily life. Human brains are crammed with memories that we had formed over a lifetime experiences. As we live, we create countless of memories every day and as times flies, we tend to forget everything. Forgetfulness often occurs in human life and the meaning of this word is failure to recover information from memory. Human being is simply to forget things. This happened when information is seldom accessed. We will forget easily because we do not rehearse the information resulting the physical trace of memories faded over period of times. For example, when I go shopping to buy groceries I often forget to buy the things that I needed although I had listed all items at home. At the end, I always ended up bought the things that I do not need. Not only that, before the examination, I tried to revise and memorized all the information by understanding the theories. However, after the examination ended I tend to forget most of it because I focused more about the new information that I was going to learn. This pattern was also repeated when the next examination came.
As human nature tend to forget thing very easily,

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